No, we don’t allow our customers to bring in their own food and drinks. But don’t worry we provide a good variety of snacks and drinks here at eParadise. You can check out our menu right here.

Yes, you can bring in your own console. Regular hourly charges would still be applicable.

Yes, you can bring in your own gaming peripherals but make sure you plug in all the unplugged peripherals/devices after your gaming session.

Yes, you can call us to make a reservation during opening times, or you can send us an email at info@e-paradise.ch.

Yes, you can make reservation inquires and book the venue by contacting us on our phone or on our mail.

We strictly follow PEGI ratings so if you are underage you cannot play games that are rated for a mature audience.

We have all the latest casual and competitive games across all the leading platforms for PC and console.

If you don’t see your favourite game on our systems, you can make a request to add your game. Make sure you inform us beforehand so that we can get everything ready before you start your gaming session.

Yes, you need to have your own accounts to play games at eParadise.

Our servers delete any stored user information / data such as login ids and passwords after every system restart, plus we have other security checks and measures implemented on our systems.

If you are under 16 y/o then you can stay at eParadise till 21:00, however your stay can be extended if you are accompanied by your friends/family who are above 18 y/o.

Yes, there are parking spaces towards the front and around the venue.